About Forax

Forax Equipment is focused on designing and producing uncomplicated and dependable equipment. We build brush cutting heads for excavators, and arms and heads for road graders, as well as for snowmobile groomers. Currently, there are two different designs of heads. One is a three blade rotary cutter and the other is a mulching head.


Our innovative brush cutter designs are based on more than 20 years of experience in the forestry industry.


Forax brush cutters are manufactured here in Springfield, New Brunswick, Canada.


Got an idea? We listen to our customers. Contact us to talk about custom designs/prototypes.


Brush Cutter Solutions

Grader Boom Mower

Designed to attach to a road grader, which is an often under utilized piece of equipment. - Conveniently sits on the back of the grader giving an unobstructed view when not in use. - Quick attach allows changing from blade cutter to mulcher to digging bucket in minutes. - Uses existing grader hydraulics for operation. (require 27-30 gal/min for cutting head and additional 6-10 gal/min for arm) - Long 22 foot articulating reach. Especially useful with a mulching head since you can cut in both directions and has the ability to cut much larger objects.

Snowmobile Groomer Mower

Attaches on the front of snowmobile groomer to cut obstructions before the machine passes - Able to push fallen debris clear of trail - Innovative design to cut on both sides of trail in one direction of travel - Allows operator an unobstructed view - Available with blade cutter or mulcher - Boom functions run off blade controls - Saw/mulcher function run off external hydraulic pack

Mower Specifications

Both Grader Mower and Snowmobile Groomer Mower: - Cutting width: 75 inches blade cutter / 72 inches muncher - Number of cutters: 24 (8 per blade)

Groomer specifications


Road grader brush cutter in action
Snowmobile groomer brush cutting
Snowmobile groomer high reach
Snowmobile groomer changing cutting side
Snowmobile groomer brush cutting
Snowmobile groomer brush cutting

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